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    Bto Performance prides it’s self on it’s high energy fun filled class atmosphere!! Classes are designed for all levels from beginner to intermediate to the most advanced!! We specialize in Kettle Bells, TRX Suspension Training and Circuit Training!!



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    Dan Giancola

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    Dan Giancola Personal Trainer



    What BTO Performance Members Are Saying

    I was a coop student working with Dan a little over a year ago, never witnessed a personal trainer bring so much knowlege, passion and dedication to his clients, his high energey and enthusiasm sets the tempo of the workout and gets results, no matter what your goals are Dan is the only trainer id recommend,

    Dan is the only trainer I’d recommend

    Cameron Brooks

    This program works!!! I lost 14.5 inches in 8 weeks and finally became strong! Come try it... It is worth the investment in yourself! The fellow class members and of course dan are so supportive!!!!! Try 1 class you will be hooked.

    This program works!!!

    Colleen Bandy

    I've never been to the gym that you own Dan but it looks like something I want to put together for myself. Your workouts look fun you have very high energy and I know that you're going to give your clients 100 percent and they in return will give it to you. Keep up the good work my friend and i'm verry happy for you.

    Keep up the good work my friend

    Jerome Haywood

    What a fantastic studio and Dan is incredible! Highly recommended

    Highly recommended

    Leah Douangmala

    Thorold has hit the jackpot! Amazing trainer, fantastic equipment and a push to be a healthy you!!!

    Thorold has hit the jackpot!

    Jenn Kitchingman

    This class is off the hook folks!!! From the states here visiting friends and attended this class today. Let me tell you, the workout, atmosphere, facilities and motivation (Danny G) was second to none! No body part was neglected. Cardio swagger was way up afterwards! Can't wait to go again! Highly recommended.

    Class is off the hook

    Chris Atwater

    The guy’s a lunatic... but in a good way. He has so much passion for helping his students and he connects with every everyone in the room. The classes are high energy, different every time, fun and you want to give all you have.  It’s easy to stay motivated and achieve your goals.  Thanks Dan

    High Energy Classes

    Daniel Morel

    Dan is a great guy with lots of experience. Great motivator. Great workouts. He's got me pumped. YA BUDDY!!

    Great workouts

    Rob Colacelli

    Dan is very inspiring. He pushes you to do your best. I enjoy every class , great music, great workout and great people!

    He’ll Inspire You

    Santino Perri


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