Valerie Maguire

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Valerie Maguire Certified Personal Trainer (American Fitness Institute-2014) from Thorold, Ontario.

My Story

Unlike most trainers, I dreaded gym class and sports when I was teen.  I was overweight and uncoordinated, however that all changed when I read a quote once by William James, “change your mind and you can change your life.” So I told myself I was going to like fitness and over time I really did like it. Today, I LOVE it! I love to be active, to push myself and challenge myself.

I am committed to being a life-long learner of fitness and well-being.  I enjoy it so much; I want to motivate others to go that much farther in their workouts.  I have a husband and two young children to set an example for and I am doing my utmost to live a healthy active lifestyle.